Trekking is something which always gives one a feeling of achievement. It is a kind of achievement sport but this brings one close to the nature and one can breathe to the beauty of mother earth. These who love trekking always take time out for a couple of days and set for it. If you have not done trekking ET then you should definitely try once. This will make you fall in love with trekking.

To those who say in Bangalore or near Bangalore can explore a lot of places for trekking. There are many places for trekking near Bangalore which one can discover and there are many associations which organise different trekking sessions and adventures where you can always join. If you are planning to go for a trek soon like next month or so, then here are some options which you can definitely try.

Kabala Durga Night Trek: this starts from 25th March at 9.30 AM in the morning and ends on 26th March at 11 AM.  Organised by the Quest adventures one has to book tickets as soon as possible with Rs 1199 to join in the group.  This is a very rocky hill where lies the temple of Kabbal Lamma who is a goddess and this place is located almost 70 kilometres away from Bangalore. One will get the pickup and drop facility from a particular place as well. In the entire trek itinerary you will be a camp fire and also the breakfast for the next day. There will be facilities for night stay as well. One has to carry a back pack, their own water sippers and energy snacks. One should take an extra set of comfortable clothing and prescribed medicines. It is a good idea to carry a rain coat in case it rains. It is also a good idea to carry a torch and an umbrella.

trekking near Bangalore

Trek to Chikmagalur: this starts from 18th March at 6 AM in the morning and ends on 19th march at 11.30 PM. This trek is organised by Monks on Wheels and to go to Chikmagalur, one has to make a booking with a pocket pinch of Rs 2499. This place is a treat for the yes as it has a lot of coffee plantations. This is a lovely hill station and the landscape around is a treat to the eyes. During March, this place also has a very pleasant climate and as it is located near Western Ghat, the weather is always very nice. Thus trip cost includes things like two breakfasts, two lunch and two dinners. Along with that they have staying and camp fire accommodations and also a First Aid help in case of any health emergency or injury.

Kumar Parbat Trek: this begins on 31st march and will go on till 2nd April till 7.30 PM. For booking this, one has to spare a cost of Rs 3815. Here one can get to see a part of the Pishpagiri Range of the Western Ghats and this peak is the second highest one in Coorg.

Go ahead and enjoy your trek.

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