After catastrophe strikes, home and business owners just want to get their property back to normal again. The goal is to get everything repaired or replaced. But in order to accomplish this, a full and fair settlement is needed from the insurance company. A public insurance adjuster can make this happen. This type of insurance specialist is bonded, licensed and authorized to help with important insurance matters.

Once a claim is filed, insurance companies send out adjusters to assess property damage. This type of insurance adjuster works for the benefit of the insurance company. However public insurance adjusters work on the behalf of home and business owners. They are not employed by insurance companies.The Importance of Hiring Public Insurance Adjusters

The Role of Public Insurance Adjusters

A public adjuster can file a flood, fire, explosion, smoke damage, wind damage or vandalism claim. He knows exactly how to compile information that is needed to prove and file a claim. Many home and business owners choose to hire this type of insurance specialist because it saves time and reduces stress. It saves them from having to go through the claim process on their own.

A public adjuster prepares, files and adjusts insurance claims on your behalf. He looks at your insurance policy and determines what is covered. He inspects site damages and compiles loss information. Then, he negotiates with the insurance companies to get a better settlement. This is a better way of settling a claim than relying on the word of the insurance company.

Technical Difficulties

Insurance policies have plenty of technical information that is too complicated for most policyholders to understand. The average insurance form has many provisions, riders and detailed information that is too difficult to decipher. Hire a public adjuster, and you won’t have to shovel through a lot of legal jargon just to understand the terms of your insurance coverage.

Proof of Loss

The policyholder is responsible for proving that a loss exists. This means that understanding the provisions and stipulations of the insurance policy is mandatory. Many home and business owners struggle with this because they don’t understand insurance terms. Also, they don’t know how to prove that a loss exists. However, public insurance adjusters at Benchmark Adjusters know how to prove that your claims are valid.

Full and Fair Compensation

When filing insurance claims, a lot of policyholders do not get the full settlement amount per the insurance policy’s declaration page. However, public adjusters know how to work around this. They know how to conduct the right inventories and appraisals so that you get everything that is entitled to you.

Insurance companies are notorious for limiting claims and entitled payments. These public adjusters will keep you up to date on what is going on with your claim, and they will advise if delays are unavoidable. In the end, they work hard to get full and fair insurance settlements.Public Insurance Adjusters


Public insurance adjusters are not paid by the hour. They do not get upfront payments from policyholders. They are not paid until the claim is settled. They are paid a percentage of your insurance settlement. However, consider this to be a very valuable service that saves time and money.

All in all, it is storm season. Now is the time to consider your options before disaster strikes. Don’t ignore the importance of hiring public insurance adjusters. Get prepared for the season by visiting

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