Fans are the most common household appliance; if you are a resident of tropical countries then you know the uses and the need for fans. They come in various shapes and sizes and the utility of these significant appliances is remarkable. The invention of such devices can be traced long back to the 1800s which is almost the same the invention of electricity. With the discovery of electricity and understanding the utilization of it, have benefited the humankind from an ancient time. However, with the growing number of population many manufactures have created one of kind cooling devices over the time to meet up their high demand. But the long bladed fans stand out the most; they were the first creation and are going strong till date. The initial model was ceiling based, it had one motor body with four to five blades attached to it. This fan would solely perform on electricity and became one of the most in demand item all across the globe.

The various uses

Unlike the air conditioner, fans only move the air all over the area and do not help in changing the temperature automatically. These fans have multiple functions based on their requirements and works great during summer. The ceiling fans was the first invention among all the different models available, but later on pedestal fans, fixed cabin fans and other forms of models and designs surfaced the market. Although the function and purpose of these fans remains the same but the ceiling fans works the best as they are known to cover large open spaces and are great at fighting heat. In the tropical region the temperature remains the same and is difficult to continue without a proper cooling device. So, to save you from the scorching heat, the developer have created fans with high end technology to reduce the heat and helps to circulate the air in every corner. But these are small general ceiling fans which are readily available in the market, they are crafted in ways, so that it can fit the rooms perfectly and won’t cause any trouble.

The industry use

But aside from these, there are big fans which are ceiling based with large blades. These large fans are mainly used in the industries and are great at circulating the air at every corner of the open spaces. In industries the need for various cooling devices is essential and in the long list of cooling appliances, ceiling fans are one of the most common techniques used to cool down the area. Certain products need to be cooled down before further processing. And large ceiling fans works best for such uses as they can cool down any large open spaces without any hassle and also the long blades helps to circulate the air all around and helps with the cooling process faster. There are different variations in the models and getting the right one for your factory or industry is important. You can even customize your size according to the space and requirement of your industry.

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