The roles and responsibilities of a store administrator can be considered to be endless. This is because the way in which they maintain and manage the web store greatly influences the sales percentage in the online market. Hence the administrators are supposed to remain updated with the latest online technologies in order to support their growth in online market. The administrators must also make sure that the attempt which they initiate should not cause any negative impacts to their business. The tool or any other technical support which can assist the business growth can be used without any constraint.

Drive sales

The ultimate aim of the web store administrator must be to drive more sales. It is to be noted that they must initiate better steps in order to satisfy their online clients at the best. Everything must be made reliable that the online customers should not feel any inconvenience in shopping the product which they are in need of. For example, there must be filters, recommendations and other options through which the customers can feel ease with their shopping. This will not only attract the customers but will also help in retaining them. In order to provide these features to the web store various extensions available in the market can be used. But it is to be noted that only the safest extensions which are free from hassles should be used.

Extension to drive sales

There are several extensions which can be used to drive sales. Bundle creator can be considered as the most effective among them. The most fortunate thing about this extension is the administrators can handle this extension easily and this will also provide more benefits to the end users.

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As the name indicates, this extension can be used to create bundle. Especially if the web store is loaded with more products, this extension will help the end users to a greater extent. For example, one can create a bundle named cosmetics. In the bundle, they can add more number of items like creams, accessories and many. After creating the items, they can add products to each and every item. This is also a type of categorizing the product according to the needs of the users. The administrator can attain several other benefits though magento bundle configurable products. The recommendations will also increase the trust level of the online clients.

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