Photography can be one of the most addictive and interesting things to do. It could be a hobby, an occasional activity or even a career choice if you’re really passionate about it. You can never get tired of taking pictures as each one is different from the other. Skillshare photography has plenty of tutorials on how to capture better photographs. But there are also a lot of disadvantages when it comes to photography that could make you think twice before investing too much time and resources. Today, we look at a few of those disadvantages.

  1. Not much recognition:Sure, there are a lot of famous photographers right now, but they did not get there in a matter of weeks. Most of them dedicated their lives to taking certain type of images and got to the top. You might not always have the option to do as you please, especially if you’re working for a company and the clients have certain requirements. You might be asked to take photographs of events or sports. Because of this, it’s hard for you to get recognized by the public unless the photos are shot extremely well.
  2. Can be expensive:If you’re really serious about photography, then you have to buy one of the high-end cameras that come with a lot of features which would allow you to take very high-quality pictures regardless of how the lighting or the weather is. But these kinds of cameras are really expensive. You will need to invest quite a bit of money in buying a good camera and then there are batteries, lenses and other accessories to worry about.
  3. Your skills are not usually recognized: People might look at your photographs that have amazing lighting, good focus, depth of field and overall, a very aesthetically pleasing image and say, “That’s a very good camera.” Sure, a good camera can always automatically improve the quality of an image, but a professional photographer goes through the trouble of waiting for the right amount of light and the position of the camera and all the other technical details to get the perfect image. People hardly realize a photographer’s effort in capturing great images.
  4. The perfectionist syndrome: Most of the photographers always feel like they can capture better photos than they already have. They wait day and night and click thousands of the same pictures to get the perfect one. This makes the photographers very picky and the whole process might get tiring and burn them out after a while.

These are just some of the hassles that photographers face on a regular basis. If you can get through all of this, then being a professional photographer is worth all the effort.

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