While Google Pixel 2 to keep the design of last year’s champions, the larger version of the Google Pixel XL 2 gets an updated look.

While the lineup of Google Pixel 2, little is known. According to the latest leaks, Google will refuse from Muskie model in favor of a larger version of Taimen. Now experts from the XDA received new information about the upcoming devices.

Smaller smartphone Walleye will be equipped with 4.97-inch display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The design will remain unchanged and will retain even unattractive border around the screen, as in the current generation.

As the hardware base is Snapdragon 835 with 4 GB and 64 GB physical memory. The gadget could lose 3.5 mm jack, since it is reported that «Google plans to include stereo speakers to the detriment of a 3.5mm headphone jack.”

A larger device Taimen – Google Pixel XL 2would receive 5.99-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels and a matrix OLED. Recently, the company has invested in the production of LG Display. Its appearance will differ slightly from the Walleye: the frame around the display will be smaller and the glass insert on the rear panel will not close the fingerprint scanner. The smartphone is also equipped with Snapdragon 835 and 4GB “RAM”, but the amount of built-in storage will be 128GB.

Both devices will have a main chamber with only one module. The software Taimen was found references to a scanner system fingerprint Nexus Imprint instead Pixel Imprint. But on a smaller device Walleye that it was not found. Perhaps this is just some kind of mistake.

None of our reports mention a Pixel XL 2 to walk in the footsteps of the first model XL, but we would be surprised if Google abandons this idea. The first Pixel XL was constantly out of stock and given the popularity of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, there is actually a strong demand for large formats.

Especially since the last render rendered shows a single rear camera in the Google Pixel XL 2017. Google may not yet consider it necessary to get on the dual camera train or due to any other reason, but it all looks like it will take another generation to see two lenses on the back of a Google Pixel.

Although Google has already demonstrated in the past I / O what it is capable with its camera software and with Photos. It showed its software by dealing with nighttime images, showed how it removed objects from photographs with astounding ease and continued to argue that his cameras do not need optical stabilization. All this we could see in the Google Pixel 2 and its older brother, XL 2.

Via: Pixel2Phone.com


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