Not able to recognize the reason behind- illustrations designed by you do not look impressive as compared to other illustrators? In this post, various tips are listed beneath to help you enhance your drawing skills in Adobe Illustrator via

  1. Pen Tool

It plays an important role in making vector graphics. Many beginners failed to understand the fundamentals of the pen tool. It is recommended to watch some tutorials online on drawing different shapes by making use of pen tool. It is basically a skill one can improve with time.

  1. Anchor Points

Lesser the anchor points, better the shape is. The majority of the beginners use too many anchor points while drawing shapes. This leads to jaggy shape. It is suggested that try to use fewer anchor points. The best thing that you can do is to add anchors when you change direction or corners.

  1. Smooth Tool

To smooth the uneven paths, the smooth tool is the best way. If you possess a Wacom tablet, then it’ll be faster and easier to smooth out the edges. Visit the edges a couple of times in order to make it smoother. It is the best tool for cleaning up the final artwork.

  1. Grid Drawing

The grid tool is the best-known tool to draw precise objects and images. Learn how to use grid tool effectively on After knowing much about the tool you can draw diagrams, maps, and icons. Don’t forget to turn on the snapping for more accuracy. With this, you can snap the shapes and lines to the grid.

  1. Pathfinder

A few of the illustrators would like to utilize pathfinder to create their objects. For this, you will have to learn about how to break complicated shapes into squares and circles. Firstly, build your rough shape by fusing the basic shapes. In the following step, refine the corners and edges of the rough shape with the help of a smooth tool or pen tool. Pathfinder is the most preferred way to design complex shapes.

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