There have emerged numerous manufacturers who have been coming out with different brands of vaping and electronic cigarettes. With this particular market growing at a fast pace, there are readily available various types of ecigarettes of different styles, make and flavors. You are sure to get something that will interest you, your moods and tastes. Moreover, majority of the manufacturers of ecigarettes tend to claim that they are very much a safe choice when compared to smoking those regular cigarettes. With researches still being undertaken about the possible side effects of ecigarettes and with no confirmation of any unwanted reports as of yet, there are many who would like to know if they can have it or not. This is one question that is asked by majority of the women, especially those who plan to get pregnant or are pregnant.

About ecigarettes

Before knowing whether smoking E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy is safe or not, it will be wise for you to know about the device in question. The fact can be termed that such devices does involving using of nicotine which is placed into the body. It is hence, not the right choice for any pregnant or breastfeeding woman to use.

Basically, the e-cigarette is termed to be a type of nicotine delivery service. Few of them are given the shape of regular cigarettes, while others are provided with that futuristic look. They comprise of a cartridge that is filed up with liquid containing nicotine in it, chemicals such as polyethylene glycol and glycerin and variety of flavorings. It also has a battery for operation purpose. The liquid present inside gets heated up with the ecigarette. It becomes vapor upon inhaling. Therefore, the term ‘vaping’ is used.

Harmful effects

The regular cigarette tends to deliver nicotine to the lungs and this is done by burning the tobacco, which in turn creates smoke which is inhaled. Toxic chemicals are present in hundreds in the tobacco smoke. Vapor emerged from the ecigarette tends to contain nicotine. This may have serious implications among pregnant and breastfeeding women. The developing fetus may be harmed by the chemical traces that are given out by this nicotine present in the ecigarettes in the form of nickel and chromium. Moreover, there is no proper regulation of the liquids. Some may have in them flavoring agents or perhaps other type of chemicals.

Is vaping safe during pregnancy?

Studies have found out that serious misconceptions exist about ecigarettes among pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you are really concerned about proper growth of your baby, then you should avoid taking ecigarettes completely. Even after delivering the baby, until the baby is dependent upon your breast milk, you should not touch this harmful product. Otherwise, the essence will only pass onto the baby, creating serious implications, thus hindering its normal growth and development.It is always a wise decision to discuss with the healthcare provider who will be able to give much more better idea and choices for save pregnancy and breastfeeding, both for the mother and the baby.

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